Magnificent Miniature Creations (MMC Stud) at the Nationals 2021

MMC Bucks Texas Ranger

MMC Stud participated in the South African Miniature Horse Nationals on 9 & 10 October 2021. The Nationals was held at Cowhouse Shed, Hazeldene, Pretoria.

A total number of 80 horses from 15 breeders entered this show in 71 breed classes and 154 utility classes. The horses were competitive. MMC Stud is very happy and grateful with their results at this show.

MMC IAT Joli Jaqueline

MMC IAT Joli Jaqueline (CCMF I’m All That (Imp) x MMC Paintbrush Juliet) participated in the filly foal 6–12 month old class and came third. This was her first show and we are looking forward to see her in the show ring again.

MMC Hermione

MMC Hermione (MMC Cowboys Senor Destiny x MMC Hilary) came first in the class Filly 18-24 months. She went on to compete in the Junior Mare class where she was Reserve Champion Junior Mare. We expect more achievements from this filly in future.

MMC CSD Mistral

MMC CSD Mistral (MMC Cowboys Senor Destiny x MMC Impressive Magnolia) took third place in the Junior Mare (24-36 months) class. Another filly to watch in future.

MMC Dorian Gray

MMC Dorian Gray (MMC ZF Rico x MMC Paintbrush Gretchen) came first in the class for Colts 18-24 months. He went on the be the Champion Junior Stallion and the Reserve Grand Champion Stallion. Ultimately, he was Reserve Supreme Champion Miniature Horse. MMC are excited about the achievements of this colt at his first show.

MMC Bucks Texas Ranger and Dorian Gray, from left to right, Zacharia Lehlokoana (Groom), Marina van der Merwe (Owner), and Marco van der Merwe (Handler).

MMC Bucks Texas Ranger (MMC Cowboy’s El Capone Buckeroo x MMC Whispering Wind) was first in the class for Senior Stallions, older than 4 years, higher than 75 cm, but may not exceeding 80 cm. He then went on to become the Champion Senior Stallion and then Grand Champion Stallion. In addition to this he also was the Supreme Champion Miniature Horse at this National Show.

MMC Stud has been in the Miniature Horse Industry for nearly 25 years. The stud has imported several stallions and mares from the best American bloodlines over the years to strengthen certain traits in the stud.

Chris and Marina van der Merwe, owners of MMC Stud, are passionate about Miniature Horses and serious about breeding. They use combinations of American bloodlines and South African bloodlines to improve their stud and the breed in South Africa. Colts that are not considered as good enough to be breeding stallions are gelded. Most serious breeders in South Africa use stallions from MMC Stud to breed with. MMC Stud aims to breed quality, good conformation, refinement and not necessarily the smallest possible horses. They do not breed ponies but scaled down versions of big horses.

As WA Foster said, "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of right intention, sincere effort and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

For more info and if you have any queries, please visit us at MMC Stud